Being The Rock

“You’re my rock.” “You’re always there for me.” “I lean on you.” “You’re the shoulder I can cry on.”

If you’re the rock for your friends, I’m sure you’ve heard these a lot before. You’re are that steadfast strength in times of hardship, in times of sorrow and fear. Being the rock for your loved ones is a responsibility you carry proudly, an ability you’re not completely sure is real. At least that’s how it is for me.

For some reason I find the right words to say when I need to say them. Mostly it’s when my friends and family need to hear them. I channel some sort of inspiration I wish I could control. Maybe it’s the poetic, writing side of me that knows how powerful words can be to a person. How a certain line can change an entire mentality or attitude, how one combination of words can provoke so much thought that it brings you to a life changing perspective. But it’s probably just me conveying how I feel, and hoping they understand what I’m trying to say. It doesn’t always work. But sometimes, when it does, you become that rock that holds the tide at bay, and you hear those grateful, humbling words: “You’re my rock.”

It’s important to realize, though, that we’re not always meant to be strong. We’re not always meant to be the rock. Everyone has their moments of weakness and doubt. No one is immune to hard times. We have to let go in those times and let ourselves lean on someone else. It’s something I struggle with in reality. I’m so caught up in caring for others that I feel bad, I feel guilty for having problems of my own. I feel guilty for asking someone else to be my rock. But then I begin to think of how I would feel if my friend thought the same way. If my friend didn’t want to bother or burden me with their problems. And I start to realize how stupid my guilt is. I’d never want my friends to hesitate coming to me. Ever. Their problems are my problems, and vice versa. I start to realize that sometimes they do need to be the rock for me. That I need to let them be the strong one and let them realize that they’re just as strong in tough situations.

We all need to remember that having someone else’s back will always be more gratifying than someone else having yours. So if you’re that support your friends can lean on, remember it’s okay to share your struggles with them as well. True friends want to carry your problems with you. So let them have your back.

Let them be your rock.


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