WeWriWa October 11 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday

Excerpt from “The Mars Tournament”

“I wonder.
I wonder how a human, so lost and alone among my people of Mars, can be so at home.
I wonder if its stupidity or something else that allows his mind to push his body forward after so much damage and pain.
I wonder how much more his flesh will be able to withstand, before everything else collapses.
I wonder if he’s hiding tears behind those trickles of sweat when we train, when I push him, sometimes beyond his own limits.
I wonder if other humans are like him…and then I wonder if its hope I’m feeling.
I wonder what it is that humans have that make them so…resilient.
And I finish wondering, often aimlessly, why my physically and intellectually superior species, does not have it. ”



16 thoughts on “WeWriWa October 11 2014

  1. Ah yeah, determined homo-sapiens over uber-alien any day of the week. They’d better be ready when this guy finishes his training, because he’s going to wreak some havoc on their martian arses.


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