A Redemption Story

Man, what a week.

I finished a manuscript, talked to an editor, and got first drafts from my book cover designer. It’s been exciting, knowing a finished product is on the way. But all of that can wait for another post. Because all of that pales in comparison to what happened today. I wanna take a moment to talk about a redemption story. A story about my friend, Andy.

Andy came over to my dorm today, like he has been for the past couple Thursdays, to work on a quiz together for our class. It was just like any other Thursday, us struggling to find the answers in the PowerPoint and the book, joking around and trying to focus while my roommate argues with his friends. Typical day. That is until my roommate and his friends left, and Andy asked me a question out of nowhere:

“Hey, have you found God?”

I didn’t think much of it. I just answered right back saying “Yeah.”

He nodded his head.

And then I asked him “Why, whats up?”

He went on to tell me how he had been depressed and doing things he wasn’t proud of, becoming a man he didn’t want to become. He told me about the dark thoughts and the low moments he didn’t want to have anymore. And he wanted to change all that. He wanted to turn it all around. So he went to a pastor and talked about things. He told me how powerful it was.

And then he told me he found Him.

I was shocked. I thought to myself, Andy? Depressed? No way.

It really hit me right there, knowing how much you don’t know. On the surface a friend might seem absolutely fine, but behind closed doors, there might be a different story. Andy reminded me that I hadn’t told my mom I loved her enough recently. Andy reminded me that I hadn’t told my brothers or my closest friends that I love them enough. He reminded me that it’s easy to get lazy at friendship. It’s easy to assume everyone’s okay, doing their own thing, everything under control.

But the truth is its hard to speak up. It’s hard to admit you’re feeling down, feeling lonely, feeling unhappy. I applaud the fact that Andy had the guts to find help, to seek out someone to talk to, to even be as bold to ask me about my faith. I could have easily been someone who wasn’t religious at all, someone who could’ve mocked faith and discouraged believing. But he took that chance. Because he wasn’t afraid anymore. Because he knows full well he’s going to redeem himself. And I do too.

It’s that sort of courage that makes me realize how much I love my faith. How much I love my God. I love the things He does day in and day out. And I hope and pray that He keeps carrying Andy on the path he’s going on. Because I’m going to go ahead and spoil the ending to this story…

It’s going to be redemption.




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