Fantasy Football!

I am a guy. So I do a lot of guy things. This blog is mostly intended for my writing adventures, but every once in a while I like to talk about my shenanigans. You’ll have to forgive me for this.

One of the guy things I do is fantasy football. Along with fantasy baseball, it’s kind of an obsession. But my fantasy prowess and obsession pails in comparison to my good friend Fantasy RiOT. He strikes fear into all his fantasy opponents like a fearsome pirate out at sea. If you like fantasy football and need to satisfy your week to week waiver wire thirst, or if you’re planning on playing next year and you need a draft kit, head on over to his blog.

I’m 4-1 in both of my leagues…and yeah I’m bragging a little bit. If you wanna brag like me, check out his sites:



One thought on “Fantasy Football!

  1. I know this is not on topic but your story reminds me of when I was little..We use to go to JByrons (an old department store) and they would have big signs that said ‘Panty Riot’..where there were bins of underwear on sale. I think that I could possibly be more interested in the Panty Riot then the Fantasy Riot 🙂 I like football but I admit I don’t understand Fantasy Football at all.

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