Being a Christian Writer

I am a Christian.

Really, I’m a Catholic if you want to get technical. But I’m of the mindset that we all believe in Jesus so why does all the other stuff matter? I’m sure I might offend a few people with what I say, but hey, these are my beliefs. I’m not trying to convert you or ask you to believe what I believe. I just ask you to respect them, like I respect yours. The way religious interactions should be.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve noticed more and more how much of a stereotype people have on what being “Christian” is. I hate the fact that by me saying I’m a Christian writer, people will think I’m a Bible-toting, Scripture preaching, pagan hating worshiper. I’m not. Far from it actually. I’m a sinner and I know it. I surround myself with sinners who are of my religion and those who are not. I believe the church has a lot of flaws and hypocrisies to it, yet I still attend masses regularly. And I’m very open for interpretation of what the Bible says. I believe it’s something to meditate on and take away what it speaks to you, not something to be taken literally or an excuse to fuel what you think is right or wrong.

My line of thinking is different though. It’s different from the mainstream Christian population and it’s different from the stereotype. It puts me in a place where some extreme, conservative Christians might dislike what I say, while other non-believers will just write me off outright for saying I’m Christian. But I don’t mind it. That’s just the world I live in. And this is the world I write for.

Which brings me to my next point. I am a writer. Obviously you know this from my blog. As a writer, I believe it’s my responsibility to make you think, to make you question, to let you hear a message from my stories. My ultimate purpose and goal as a writer is to write messages. The way I see it, my stories are just a vessel. The messages are the cargo they’re delivering.

Does it matter that I write Sci-Fi? Does it matter that I write in dark worlds, with dark characters, on topics that the Church is openly against? It shouldn’t. Christian stories shouldn’t be all sunshine and roses. Jesus’ story certainly wasn’t. Why should mine be?

My beliefs and my faith spill over into my stories. I write with Christian messages. But what does that mean? Some of you may think I’m going to try to convert you, that I’m going to urge you to praise Jesus or take up the Bible so that you may go on and shove it down other people’s throats. That’s absolutely not what I mean by Christian messages. What I mean by this are things like hope, redemption, overcoming evil, loving your neighbor, fighting for what’s right, standing for the weak, believing against all odds. Those are Christian messages. That is what being Christian means. Regardless of your denomination. And I believe everyone, Christian or not, can enjoy stories with messages like those.

So I urge my Christian brothers and sisters: let’s get rid of the stereotype. Let’s not just write for each other, but for everyone. Everyone could use an uplifting story. Everyone could use a story that makes them think. Let’s write for the world we live in.

Let’s write with Christian messages.

Who’s with me?




5 thoughts on “Being a Christian Writer

  1. I’m with you! Great message! Like you, I write to bring glory to Him. As Christians sharing His message in our stories, we need to have the highest standard of excellence, regardless of which genre we use. When we do, only then will the world read our words. Great post!

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