My experience getting an awesome book cover with 99Designs.


That is the name I’d like to start with when talking about 99Designs. If you’re thinking of getting a book cover designer, hit her up.

So anyway, getting back to my experience. As an aspiring indie author and current undergrad student, needless to say, I’m kinda financially challenged. But recently my par time job started up again with the new semester, so I had some nice cash flow recently, and I decided to invest that money back to myself: my writing. So I checked out some relatively affordable freelance editors, formatters, and designers. Naturally, the designers were the most expensive. And that’s when I stumbled upon 99Designs, which is basically a site where you hold a contest for your book cover and have a prize of somewhere between$200 and $1100 (I obviously chose the $200 prize, which costs $300 through the 99Designs).

I was worried, skeptical, hesitant at first. But going along with how I usually go about things: I went for it.

And I was blown away.

The contest was supposed to last 7 days, with a preliminary round of 4 days and a final round of 3 days. I ended the contest once it reached the final round, because I had clearly found my winner by that time. It was awesome working with so many designers, all of them extremely professional and quite good at taking your feedback. I saw a lot of great designs, many of which I would’ve gladly taken for my book cover, but I got the one that I had envisioned in my head that I thought I’d have to lay down hundreds of more dollars for.

A very cool site, a very cool experience, and one that I will probably be doing again.

Here were my finalists and other designers that I enjoyed working with should you find yourself making a contest of your own: Aprilily21, AlexTibio 21, Grafisons, Ddialethe, DHMdesigns, KarenCL, ArtBearman, Bocheez, and JimDiGritz. Send any of these guys an invite to your contest and I’m sure you’ll get an awesome entry.

Here’s the link to my contest if you wanna see all of the entries.

And last but not least, here are the links to Artrocity’s sites:



It was an absolute pleasure to work with Artrocity, and I’ll definitely be trying to work with her again, possibly on a 1 to 1 project to just skip the whole contest period. If you have a thing for illustrations like I do, check her out. She rocks.

I’ll get this ebook out to you guys for free sometime soon, so stay on the look out.

Here’s her winning design:



2 thoughts on “My experience getting an awesome book cover with 99Designs.

  1. I’m curious – when did the title change from ‘The Girl and The Robot’ to ‘The Killswitch’? I looked at all of the designs you received and that is the only one with that title.
    Thanks again for bringing this site to our attention and for sharing your experience.


    • Yeah I was planning on having all of my finalists play around with different titles, but after asking some friends about the title and which one looked better with the design, I decided to go with “The Killswitch”. For some reason people liked the darker title!


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